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Why shouldn’t you draft your own will?

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2023 | Estate Planning |

A will is a legal document that details what should to your estate after you pass away. You could have your spouse or child inherit the entirety of your estate, for instance, or you may want to distribute it evenly between siblings, children, family and loved ones.

At first, a will doesn’t seem like a complicated document. In most people’s minds, all they have to do is make a list of names and what each beneficiary will inherit. But, a will is generally much more complicated than its primary function suggests. As a result, it’s important to seek legal guidance when drafting a will. Taking a “DIY” approach to crafting a will can result in significant negative consequences.

You could miss crucial legal considerations

For starters, you’ll have to be mindful of the legal vernacular of a will. Without certain wordage, your family might dispute your estate plan.

Additionally, you’ll also need to be aware of what’s included in your will besides the estate distribution. You may want to designate an executor of the estate, a role that gives someone the right to distribute your estate, submit documentation of your passing and collect assets.

Many people also include a power of attorney in their estate plan. A power of attorney is a representative who is responsible for making decisions on your behalf if you develop a mental or medical condition that limits your ability to do so on your own.

By trying to craft your will on your own, you could also render it invalid. The state imposes strict criteria on the creation of wills and if yours doesn’t meet them, it could be thrown out by a court.

A will template can have legal inaccuracies

Alternatively, you, like many others, may try saving money by purchasing a will template online. There are many template sites that promise that your estate will be handled properly with the help of a premade will.

These may seem like worthy investments at first, allowing consumers to quickly make a will without contacting someone experienced in the law, but there may be legal inaccuracies in these templates. Even just a minor spelling mistake or a grammatical error could cause a premade will to be invalidated.

Reaching out for legal help

The best thing people can do when making an estate plan is to reach out for legal help. People who are planning their estate will have a better understanding of their legal rights and options by contacting someone experienced in the legal profession.