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Navigating The Legal System Alone Is Not Easy

At NOVA Estate Planning, PLLC, we serve as personal representatives of estates for individuals who died living in the Virginia area. This area of the law can be emotional and complex. Having an attorney who understands the law and can guide you in the right direction can eliminate the stress you are feeling. We are helpful, compassionate and professional. You can count on us to get you through this.

No Matter What You’re Going Through, We Can Help

If you were named the executor in the will of a family member or friend and do not wish to shoulder the massive responsibility yourself, allowing us to serve in your stead will both relieve the unneeded stress and potential liability that comes along with administering an estate in the Commonwealth. On the other hand, if you would like to continue serving as the executor of an estate but simply want to use our law firm for guidance and instruction as needed throughout the probate process, we can and do accommodate such relationships as well.

In addition to navigating a will, our firm serves as trustees of trusts for our clients. We also serve in advisory roles for acting trustees who wish to have the law firm provide assistance with the trust administration process. We know how overwhelming the legal system can be for someone who does not deal with it every day. Our founding lawyer, Jonathan D. Cox, takes this responsibility seriously. By having an experienced attorney by your side, you can rest assured that things are being taken care of properly. Estate plans can be complicated. We can help you understand.

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The sooner you seek legal counsel, the better. Don’t wait to learn more about the ways in which we can help. To schedule a consultation, call our office at 571-800-1545 today. You can also fill out our contact form online, and we will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.