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Should you tell someone you have disinherited them?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Wills And Trusts |

Taking someone out of your will can be a challenging thing to do. However, some situations may call for disinheritance. 

But, should you inform the person you want to disinherit about your decision? This guide discusses this matter and may give you a few things to consider:

You don’t have to say anything

You are under no obligation to tell someone you removed them from your will, especially if you believe they may try to change your mind. You may also choose not to inform them if you want to avoid this uncomfortable conversation. This means that they will only know of the decision once you are gone and the will is probated.

You can tell them if you’re comfortable

If you don’t mind having the conversation, you can do so. However, it will help to be gentle and straightforward. Further, you can inform them of the specific reason for the move or can simply state “for reasons personal to me.” 

Sometimes, disinherited heirs will understand your reasoning, particularly if you’re making this decision for good reasons. For example, maybe you want to leave all of your assets to a disabled child, knowing that your other child makes a good living and has a happy life. It’s really up to you if you give any explanation at all.

How do you disinherit someone?

Disinheriting someone means updating your will. You can revoke the existing will and create a new one without naming the person in question – but you need to be clear about your actions so that your heir doesn’t try to allege that you simply forgot them. 

Omitting someone from a will can be complicated and lead to will contests. It will be best to get legal guidance to make informed decisions.