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2 ways to protect your estate plan and store it safely

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2023 | Estate Planning |

You probably feel good knowing you have created an estate plan that preserves your assets and benefits your heirs. Your peace of mind is well-deserved, but now that you have a plan, you must store and protect it.

You could lock your documents away, but remember that your family or estate executor will need access in a medical emergency or if you should die. Below are two options to protect your estate documents and allow authorized individuals easy access.

Safety deposit box

Banks in Virginia are protected from fires and floods for the most part. You can store your original estate planning documents in a bank safety deposit box to preserve them physically. To allow others access, you may need to add them to the signature card on file with your bank. That way, your family can obtain your documents in a crisis.

Home safe

Some prefer having their estate plan nearby, usually right in the home. A sturdy, fireproof safe can help you secure your plan and other documents at home. Don’t forget to give your executor or a family member the combination or a key so that someone can access your plan when needed.

Secure cloud storage

You cannot store original documents online. However, you can keep digital copies on a secure cloud storage platform. Electronic storage ensures that your family and executor can access your plan immediately if something happens to you. It may be wise to consider storing copies online even if your original documents are well-guarded.

As you can see, there is more to estate planning than choosing and filing documents. Partnering with a legal practitioner can ensure the plan you worked so hard to create is always secure and up to date.