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Does the thought of administering an estate worry you?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Estate Planning |

Just because you agreed to execute someone’s estate does not mean you ever expected to have to do it. Perhaps you thought you would die long before they did. Or maybe you were too afraid to say no for fear of disappointing them.

Now that the person has died, you can still back out if you’d prefer, and the probate court will appoint someone else in your place. However, if you are willing but worried, it’s important to learn how you can reduce the stress involved.

Stay organized

Working through things in a logical manner is crucial. So is noting down the steps you must take and the tasks you complete can help you keep on top of things.

Ask others for help

Others close to the deceased may be willing to help and may hold knowledge that could make your role much easier. For example, which legal firm the deceased used or where they invested their money. However, they might not come forward to offer help, as they might feel that the executor chose you rather than them for a reason. They might not want to be seen as interfering.

Alternatively, you might ask for help in a different way. For instance, asking someone to look after your kids for a day so you can travel to see the deceased’s financial advisor and discuss something you are unsure about.

Get professional help

Executing an estate is a legal matter, so it makes sense to get legal help to do it. This can free you from some of the considerable burden of the task and reassure yourself and others that you are doing things correctly.